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As environmental consultants we offer a comprehensive range of services, based around environmental law, to private individuals, agents, and businesses ranging from the production of SUDS Strategies for large industrial projects to solving septic tank and soakaway problems for small country cottages.

With an increasing focus on environmental matters in Scotland and the UK comes increasing scrutiny from the regulators such as SEPA, the Environment Agency (EA) and building standards officers. The councils and the EA also have the co-ordinating role on flooding. It could be their interest is directed towards the CAR Regulation details of your new package sewage treatment plant (replacing that old dilapidated septic tank) or towards assessment of a SUDS scheme designed to ensure surface water does not end up a nuisance to another party.

As ex-regulators with SEPA, JIG's environmental consultants have invested heavily in keeping abreast of the most recent guidance to help minimise any delays and expenditure that might accrue as a result of, sometimes baffling, environmental law driven conditions. It is fair to say that many solutions are over-designed, perhaps on account of SEPA or the EA's advice, and many more under-designed thus JIG's environmental consultants strive relentlessly for what is actually required by the relevant environmental law and both the customer and the environment. Reedbeds and wetlands are good examples of where the regulator airs a strong preference that could result in a significant on-cost to a development never mind the space requirement. Whilst JIG designs many reedbeds and wetlands the context for such solutions must be right.

In short, as ex-regulators with SEPA JIG will strive to provide good value solutions for you in Scotland and the UK that meet the terms of the relevant environmental law; be that the CAR Regulations, the Water Resources Act or relevant waste management law. At the same time, JIG's environmental consultants will ensure that "gold plating" only occurs where and when a customer wishes it, bearing in mind a simple septic tank is sometimes all that is needed to meet those criteria.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf which are much appreciated. Hopefully barring any major difficulties, this time next year we should have a house sitting on the site. Yours sincerely,
Mr Robertson